Old Glory has announced that it will have two preseason matches, the first against the Rugby New York Ironworkers and the second against the Toronto Arrows. The matches will be held the two weekends prior to the start of the season, which this year is February 18. The matches will be held at the St James, an sports complex with an indoor field that Old Glory has be using as a training facility for a few years now. Season ticket holders will be able to get in for free, and usually take most of the available space. Other fans can purchase tickets, although there aren't generally many left for them.

The first match will be 7pm Friday, February 3, against the recently renamed Rugby New York Ironworkers, the reigning champions of the MLR. They likely won't bring their full strength, though. Many of the stars of last years team were only brought on temporary contracts to gear up for their title push, and thus have since left. They will also want to use this opportunity to experiment and blood in new players.

The second match will be 7pm Friday, February 10, against the Toronto Arrows, a team that Old Glory also played in preseason last year. This year, though, Toronto will be bringing a very different squad. The offseason saw significant turnover in what has traditionally been a very stable squad, with many big names moving to other MLR teams. This match will likely serve to get the new starting line ups for both teams into a rhythm before the season opens the week after.

Preseason matches are always a fun time, even if you have to take what you see with a grain of salt. It's a great way to get a sneak peek at the new players, and often times many of the young and developing players get a chance to show out as well. And frankly, the indoor field makes it pretty comfy given that it's mid-winter.

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