After rolling with the same jerseys two years in a row, Old Glory has announced a brand new design for 2023. They've taken a different tack this year, switching out the stars and stripes of the US flag for the stars and bars of the DC flag. That should help tie the team more into the city, something that they could use given how far out they play. I've always said that the previous uniforms felt like an outsider's idea of DC rather than local's idea.

They've also switched up the colors a bit. Where previously they opted for a predominantly white jersey at home, they're now leaning into navy blue as their home color. They also opted for a simpler, bolder design, with the gradients of last year giving way to clean lines, simple structure, and strong colors. Personally, it's everything I like to see in a jersey, recognizable and classic. I could see these being the sorts of jerseys that the team throws back to a decade or two from now.

New fans who are used to American sports will still likely be confused and put off by the prominant sponsor logos, but these are about as tastefully done as they can be. The Cuisine Solutions and ECS logos are both white on red, fitting in perfectly with the color scheme, while the Leidos logo is all white and will work on anything.

Also of note is the line of logos near the collar on the back: an anchor, the Old Glory logo, and the Scottish flag. Scottish rugby is a part owner of the team and helped OGDC acquire their new GM and search for a coach. The anchor, meanwhile, is a reference to Captain William Driver, a sea captain who first called the US flag Old Glory.

Away kit

Thanks to the MLR twitter account, we also get a look at the away kit. Unsurprisingly, it's essentially just the home jersey but in white instead of navy.

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