According to MLR's Trade Wire, Old Glory have acquired the services of New England's Quentin Newcomer. In exchange, Old Glory have given away their 2nd round pick in next year's draft as well as an undisclosed amount of salary cap space. The 26-year-old is a DC area native, having his origins in Fairfax, Virginia.

Newcomer has been a permanent part of the Free Jack's since their exhibition season in 2019 and signed a three-year extension after the 2020 season that should have seen him play in Quincy through the 2023 season. He originally lined up as a tighthead prop in 2020, playing in four matches off the bench for 59 minutes. However, he moved over to being primarily a loosehead prop in 2021, with 9 of his 13 caps, 5 of his 6 starts, and 418 of his 521 minutes coming on that side of the scrum. He played significantly less last season, picking up just 5 caps and 2 starts for 167 minutes, all on the loosehead side. All but one of his appearances last season came in the last four matches, including the conference finals against New York.

It's not immediately clear what New England's reason for trading Newcomer is. He seems to be a promising prospect with good running, dominant tackling, and starting experience on both side of the scrum. The pattern of his appearances in 2022 suggest that he may have been passed up by others on the team, though, and he could be moving to DC because he thinks he can have a bigger role on the team here. However, it could also simply be that he wants to play a little closer to home as a Fairfax native. The first explanation would be a little concerning, as Old Glory should be aiming higher than filling the team with the players who couldn't make the cut on other teams. I lean towards the latter explanation, though, and I also wonder if some unannounced injury played a part in his limited 2022 minutes, since we've seen that sort of thing before.

Where Newcomer fits into OGDC's front row depth chart is also something of a question. Right now, we don't know enough about who is returning to have a perfectly clear picture of who will play where. The only announced prop, aside from the drafted players, is Jack Iscaro. Right now, I would expect that Newcomer will play as the primary backup to Iscaro, coming off the bench in most matches and starting in case of injury. Last season there was no clear second choice loosehead, with four different players outside of Iscaro getting caps in the position. Newcomer may be the answer, having significant MLR experience in the role.

It's good to see another local come into the team, and the fact that he's one with a lot of MLR experience makes it all the better. Definitely a good acquisition by Old Glory.

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