The 2022 roster has received an unexpected last-minute addition in the form of Brady Daniel, brother to fan favorite Cory Daniel. The new Daniel played a variety of sports in high school, including football, wrestling, and rugby. He attended the Arizona state University and wrestled there for two years before joining the football program. His college sporting career came to an end with COVID, leading him to join the American Raptors, a team dedicated to developing crossover athletes into rugby players. He then played with Young Glory, including against New York Foundry this past weekend where he earned Forward of the Match.

Daniel found success with the Raptors and Young Glory. Like his brother, he tackles extremely well, getting low and driving. From the highlights I've found, he also seems to have good awareness in the game and facilitates those around him. He is definitely not a complete product yet, but much like his brother he has the defensive basics down so well that he could be polished up into a real gem.

It will be interesting to see how the team uses Daniel going forward. He played as a scrumhalf for the Raptors, but he was used as a forward as by Young Glory. The statements from the team suggest we'll see him line up with his brother in the back row, so expect to see him there in the near future. However, if he is a capable scrumhalf he could serve as an interesting utility reserve, capable of covering both the forwards and the backs. Regardless, we will need to see how he fairs on the pitch before any of these questions will be answered.