Old Glory has added promising young lock Felix Kalapu to the 2022 roster. The 22-year-old New Zealander debuted in 2020, but has had his career disrupted by the cancelling of the 2021 season by COVID. He played with some of his new teammates, Danny Tusitala and William Talataina, during his brief time at Auckland.

Kalapu joins the already crowded lock position. With Casey Renaud and David Beach confirmed to be returning, there are now six players competing for those two jerseys. Potentially more, as flanker Matthew Gordon will be in the starting 4 jersey for the preseason match against Toronto. That's likely not going to carry over for the regular season, but it shows just how much competition Kalapu will have.

Api Naikatini, Stan South, and Tevita Naqali are pretty much guaranteed to start every match, but hopefully we can see Kalapu compete with Renaud for the chance to back them up.

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