After finding great attacking form in a record-setting performance last week, Old Glory is back for one last match this season at Segra. Their opponents this week are playoff favorites Rugby New York, a team that only just survived their previous encounters with OGDC. This match should be a bit cooler than last week, but the action should be just as dramatic.


  • When: Sunday, May 28, 2022
  • Time: 2:30pm ET
  • Where: Segra Field (map, tickets)
  • Broadcasts:
  • Weather forecast: 81°F and mostly sunny, with a light breeze
  • Line: OGDC by 7 (from Tackle the Numbers)
  • Curtain raiser:
    • 10:30 pm - Young Glory u23 vs NY Foundry u23
  • Match theme: Military appreciation


How good is Rugby New York?

New York is, in theory, a very good team. The team is in position to make the playoffs, with a 9-5 record putting them fifth overall in the league. They have a fearsome backline replete with former All Blacks and other internationals.

However, the team has also shown tremendous weaknesses. In their last eight weeks, they've gone 4-4, with only one comfortable victory over Toronto. Two of their losses, to LA and Atlanta, saw them get destroyed by a combined 81-3, which isn't a good look regardless of the opponents. All of the other matches were narrow affairs, including their 4-point win over Old Glory.

What does Old Glory need to do to win?

It's a cliche to say that the match will be won by the forwards, with the backs determining by how much. However, in this case it really is true. When New York has lost, it has been because their opponent has won the battle upfront. New York is built for speed, relying on their fantastic backs. However, the backs only get the ball if the forwards can get it out to them. Atlanta was able to dominate upfront and it meant that only slow, difficult ball was getting out to the backs, giving them no real time to get anything done.

Old Glory will need to take it to New York in the forwards. Their disruptors, Cory Daniel and Felix Kalapu, will need to be aggressive in hitting the Roosters behind the gain line. OGDC's other forwards will need to be on point backing them up, though, because New York likes to offload and keep things alive. Without everyone playing their part and making the second tackle (or the third, or the fourth), New York will just find the gaps in the disruption.

If the team can shut down New York's forwards, the rest should come naturally. Old Glory's backs are more than good enough to grab several tries, and NY's ill-discipline affords many opportunities for the forwards to score as well. OGDC will have to be careful not to get sucked into shenanigans. New York is a team that can get chippy and make their opponents chippy. We can't drop to their level.

The lineup has changed up a bit again. Stan South, Felix Kalapu, and Luke Campbell rejoin the starters in the forwards, while former team captain Josh Brown makes his first appearance this season on the bench. In the backs, Doug Fraser joins the centers, shifting Junior Sa'u to the wing and John Rizzo to the bench.


Old Glory DC

  1. Jack Iscaro
  2. Mo Katz
  3. Kyle Stewart
  4. Tevita Naqali
  5. Stan South
  6. Felix Kalapu
  7. Cory Daniel
  8. Luke Campbell
  9. Danny Tusitala
  10. Rohan Saifoloi
  11. Junior Sa'u
  12. Doug Fraser
  13. William Talataina
  14. Peni Lasaqa
  15. Renata Roberts-Te Nana


  1. Rob Irimescu
  2. Jake Ilnicki
  3. Will Vakalahi
  4. Dom Bailey
  5. Josh Brown
  6. Dacoda Worth
  7. Danny Thomas
  8. John Rizzo

Rugby New York

  1. Kalolo Tuiloma
  2. Kaleb Geiger
  3. Nic Mayhew
  4. Nate Brakeley
  5. Nick Civetta
  6. Ben Bonasso
  7. Brendon O'Connor
  8. Antonio Kiri Kiri
  9. Conor McManus
  10. Sam Windsor
  11. Ed Fidow
  12. Jason Emery
  13. Fa'asiu Fuatai
  14. Waisake Naholo
  15. Nehe Milner-Skudder


  1. Dylan Fawsitt
  2. Chance Wenglewski
  3. Wilton Rebolo
  4. Charlie Hewitt
  5. Joe Basser
  6. Connor Buckley
  7. Andy Ellis
  8. Andrew Coe